SEM Security Systems
a division of Southeast Mobility Inc
SEM Security Systems was established in 1998. At that time Southeast Mobility was in the business of two way radios, cell phones, and paging. It was our belief that the demand for security systems was going to be on the rise and we made the decision to expand our business into that area. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and a lot of changes have occurred. Southeast Mobility Inc still exists but the only product line still serviced is paging. SEM Security Systems has developed into a full time business and continues to grow daily.

Relatively speaking, SEM Security Systems is a small "mom and pop" company with attention focused on the best interest of the customer. We take a personal interest in our customers and the protection of their belongings. We look at each installation as if it were our own home, and we know that money is always a factor so we try to be realistic about the costs required to cover a property. The cost of an installation is affected greatly by what type of coverage the owner is needing. We have some customers who are only interested in securing their home when they are gone away to work, that's relatively inexpensive to do. Other customers are concerned about someone breaking into the home while they are there in bed asleep, that is still doable but requires a little more equipment and of course some additional expense. We have some customers who want to double cover everything and then add some extras just to be sure that EVERYTHING is covered, again doable but even more expensive.

We consider all of our customers as neighbors and make every effort to treat customers the way that we'd want to be treated. It's been working since we started our business in 1991 out of a 12 x 24 storage building and we're firm believers that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"