SEM Security Systems
a division of Southeast Mobility Inc
Controlled access takes on many forms. The locked door to your home is a form of controlled access, installing an alarm system in your home controls access. Let's suppose you have a business where you want to control who is allowed in certain areas of the building. Maybe you have an R&D, or accounting area that you want to restrict access to. Keys are easy to duplicate and an alarm panel would have to be deactivated at the start of the work day.

A control access system can be installed with a variety of access options. Each person who is to have access can be given a code to enter at a keypad which will unlock the door temporarly to allow them to enter, or they can be given a credit card sized prox card or a key ring sized prox card. These prox cards are simply waved by a reader which reads the card and allows access. Another option is a biometric scanner that will read the finger, hand print or retina of the person attempting to enter. You can even require combinations of any of the above before access is granted or require that two persons be present to enter.

Controlled access systems controll not only who can enter but when and where. Again, let's assume that we have a business with a cleaning crew that comes into the building Monday thru Friday between the hours of 5:30 and midnight. The prox card given to the cleaning person can allow them to access only the parts of the building to which they need access to and only between the hours of 5 and midnight Monday thru Friday. Additionally, it can log who goes in which door when and when someone attempts to access a door to which they are not authorized to enter.

Since all situations and buildings are different, each controlled access system is a custom design and there is almost no limit to the possible configurations that are available. If you have a need for controlled access, contact us and let us find a solution that meets your needs.