SEM Security Systems
a division of Southeast Mobility Inc
We often get calls from people who want to purchase one of our yard signs, or from customers who need a new yard sign because either the dog or the lawn mower ate theirs or they came home one day and it was just gone. Yard signs are a good deterrent. They encourage the would be thief to go on down the road and look for an easier target.

First, we do not sell yard signs to individuals who are not monitored security customers. Never have, not going to start today. If you see one of our signs in a yard somewhere, there should be one of our security systems inside the home. This however is not always the case. We have been driving down the road and noticed one of our yard signs at a home where we know positively that we haven't installed an alarm system. This is probably one of the signs that "just went missing". This should give you reason to stop and think. You had a person of such character to steal your yard sign, at your home, in your driveway. This should remind you to set your alarm regularly. If they'd steal your yard sign, they'd likely steal anything else that you left in easy reach.

For customers that need a new sign, that's not an issue, just don't give the old one to your cousin to put in his yard. We do charge enough to cover our cost of the sign, depending upon the quantity that we ordered and the supplier, that is usually about $10. If you're not in a hurry for it, we'll drop it off to you the next time we're passing by your area. If you want it immediately, then we have to make a special trip and we're going to charge you a service call to deliver your sign.

We had a customer that didn't agree with this policy. He called and wanted a yard sign because he had run over his with the lawn mower. We told him that we'd get him another one out there. He called back the next day and wanted to know why we hadn't delivered his sign yet. We explained our policy concerning yard signs and to say the least he wasn't happy. We try to treat our customers like neighbors. We believe that selling the yard sign at cost and dropping it off at our convenience is being neighborly. I didn't run over your yard sign with the lawn mower and I'm sorry but I don't feel obligated to drop what I'm doing, burn $20 worth of gasoline, an hour of my time on a Saturday, and bring you a new yard sign at no charge. Now if your alarm system has quit working, that's a different story. Just to note, this customer is still a customer today. He called a family member who had a competitor's system and was told that they had to pay $40 plus shipping for their replacement sign, their other option was to pay the $40 plus a $120 service call to have it delivered.

Just treat people the way you'd want to be treated, it's always worked for us.

If you need a new sign, contact us and we'll make whatever arrangements suits you best to get you a new one.